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  • If, like many of my clients, you feel as though, no matter how hard you try to stay away... you keep reaching out, or responding to that person...


  •  Then, this guide is for you!

  • The truth is that cutting contact when you still have feelings for someone is not as easy as just deleting their number from your phone. Going No Contact is more of a psychological and emotional process than a practical one. And that's why this guide is here to help you.

  • If I'm right, you're ready to get out of the spin cycle where you reach out or respond to that person again, only to get hurt and become distressed all over again. Am I right?

  • This time when you promise yourself you won't go back, you can use the information provided in this guide to support and keep you on track through your journey.


  • The first section of your guide provides you with information on the psychological aspects of cutting contact with someone, including the challenge of cognitive dissonance and the move from emotional to rational thinking. This also goes through when it is appropriate to use No Contact, and when it isn't. 

  • In the second section, you'll find the practical steps you need to take to go No Contact properly.

  • The third section is where you make it all come to life with done for you lists and beautiful journal pages where you can keep track of your progress.

So, if you're serious about getting free from from contact with that person, allow yourself to be supported by Your No Contact Guide.

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