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Hypnotherapy Success..

When a client gets in touch to let you know they’ve just done that thing they thought they couldn’t do. And they’ve done it really, really well.
This usually marks the end of our time together. Other than the occasional session to straighten a few things out, I’m no longer needed.
This is exactly what I want for my clients- that after a short time they should no longer need me. Not only have they jumped the particular hurdle that brought them to me but they now have the skills to keep jumping those hurdles without me. Skills to self regulate. Skills to remember to speak to themselves in a different way. Skills to step away from unhelpful thoughts and then choose a different and empowering response.
I can often see when a client is about to hit this point. The tipping point. It is sometimes preceded by one last episode of ‘what ifs’ and self doubt. Then there is a breakthrough.
This is when a client really gets to spread their wings ❤️


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