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Find A Good Hypnotherapist...

When you find a good hypnotherapist, you will know.

They are unlikely to read to you from a script.

They will bend and adjust in response to the story and the set of circumstances you bring to them.

When your eyes are closed, the words they say to you will resonate with your experience.

They will reflect aspects of thoughts you have had and feelings you have felt and pictures that have appeared in your mind. Their words will lead you out of uncomfortable places towards sunlight in a way that makes it easy and appealing to follow.

The result will be that you too will then be able to bend and adjust in response to your own set of circumstances so that you begin to reach up to the sky, on your own, reminded that you are strong.

Supported, not by the hypnotherapist, but by yourself. Find a good hypnotherapist. It’s worth it.



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