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A Values Checklist

This is where you can find a list of some of the most common values that we hold important. These values can be used as part of a values based exercise which will involve the following steps-

1) Print off the list

2) Take a pen, read through the list and circle which 10 values are most important to you.

3) Once you have 10 values, I would like you to then narrow this down even further to 5.

The best way to approach this exercise is with an attitude of curiosity and wonder rather than becoming focused on whether your choices are exactly right or wrong. This is an exercise you can come back to and repeat as necessary, but for now, go with those values that resonate most with you and that you know you hold dear. Enjoy finding out about yourself and considering what is important to you in more detail than you have done before.

Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Accuracy

Achievement Adaptability Adventure Alertness

Altruism Ambition Amusement Assertiveness

Attentiveness Awareness Balance Beauty

Boldness Bravery Brilliance Calm

Candour Capability Certainty Challenge

Charity Cleanliness Comfort Commitment

Common sense Communication Community Compassion

Competence Concentration Confidence Connection

Consistency Contentment Contribution Control

Conviction Cooperation Courage Courtesy

Creation Creativity Credibility Curiosity

Decisiveness Dedication Dependability Determination

Development Devotion Dignity Discipline

Discovery Drive Effectiveness Efficiency

Empathy Empowerment Energy Enjoyment

Enthusiasm Equality Excellence Experience

Exploration Expression Fairness Family

Fame Fearlessness Ferocity Fidelity

Loyalty Foresight Fortitude Freedom

Friendship Fun Generosity Gratitude

Growth Hard work Honesty Hope

Humility Humour Imagination Improvement

Independence Individuality Innovation Improvement

Insightfulness Inspiration Integrity Intelligence

Intensity Intuition Joy Justice

Kindness Knowledge Lawfulness Leadership

Learning Liberty Logic Love

Mastery Maturity Meaning Moderation

Motivation Openness Optimism Order

Organization Originality Passion Patience

Peace Performance Persistence Playfulness

Potential Power Presence Productivity

Professionalism Prosperity Purpose Realism

Reason Recognition Recreation Reflection

Respect Responsibility Restraint Risk

Satisfaction Security Self-reliance Selflessness

Sensitivity Serenity Service Sharing

Significance Silence Simplicity Sincerity

Solitude Spirituality Spontaneity Stability

Strength Success Surprise Teamwork

Thoughtfulness Transparency Trust Truth

Understanding Uniqueness Unity Vision

Vitality Wealth Wisdom Wonder

Enjoy, and feel free to let me know how you got on!

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