Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief

"It often surprises people to discover that pain management with hypnosis is probably the most empirically well-supported application of hypnosis there is." M Yapko

One of the reasons I was originally drawn to Hypnotherapy was to treat the debilitating pain of frequent migraine. At one point these had really taken a toll on the quality of my life and this is no longer the case. 

We are learning more all the time about the way that pain is produced in the body and because of my own personal history this is an area I have researched well and continue to study. As a hypnotherapist, I cannot cure or remove the source of the pain you are experiencing, however I can change the way you are experiencing the pain, and this is huge. A great deal of the way we experience pain is related to the way the brain perceives and interprets sources of information in the body. This is the focus of the way I use Hypnotherapy for providing the relief from pain, relief that anyone living with a chronic pain condition so desperately desires. You can read about my own journey with hypnosis and pain on my blog. If you are living with chronic pain then please get in touch to find out how I can help you with this.