Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety, in one form or another, remains a pivotal component of the issues that clients bring to hypnotherapy sessions with me. We all experience anxiety or stress to some degree in our lives, it is the way that we respond to and regulate this is crucial to our well-being and ability to thrive. 

Anxiety is the experience of the stress response getting activated, firstly in our brain and then in the rest of the body. The stress response is actually a normal part of our healthy brain functioning and was designed to keep us safe in the face of extreme danger, like running for our lives or, once upon a time even fighting off a bear! Problems arise when we begin to experience the symptoms of stress in response to the everyday circumstances in our lives, when we experience this disproportionately and when we experience this in situations where we would much rather be calm.


There are different types of anxiety; acute or prolonged. There are different manifestations of anxiety. This presents as Phobias, as GAD, as Fears, Social Anxiety and Panic Disorders. However, all of these disorders are products of the Stress Response firing either inappropriately (when it doesn’t serve but harm us), or over a prolonged period. In both instances the stress response is firing in response to triggers which the brain has incorrectly decided represent a threat. These triggers we may or may not be consciously aware of. One of the things hypnosis can do is bring conscious awareness to these triggers and exposing them is the first step in resolving them.

Hypnotherapy can be used with great effect in the treatment of anxiety. We do not have to live with anxiety. If this is something you have been living with and you would like to discuss this further, get in touch with me for more information. & Phobias

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