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Help with Heartbreak...
Because time alone does not always heal all wounds.

When a relationship ends and we find ourselves coming out the other end of this, we can be presented with challenges we are not prepared for.

The old saying that Time Heals All Wounds, is not always the case and sometimes we need help in letting go and moving on.

Furthermore, if the relationship in question was manipulative or if it was a toxic relationship, then we might find that, once the relationship has ended, we are dealing with more issues than just a breakup or the usual process of letting go.

The clients that I work with have told me in the past that when they first found themselves in this position, they didn't know that help was available for this specific situation. Well. help is available and this is the area that Etain specialises in.

Etain combines her hypnotherapy skills with her knowledge and experience in this area to help clients recover from heartbreak and put themselves back together. This will usually involve helping clients let go of the pain they are in and then rebuild their boundaries and their self esteem so they can move forward into future relationships in a safe and healthy way.

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