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Etain McNulty
Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to Treat Issues Around Heartbreak

Because Time Alone Does Not Heal All Wounds

Introduction to Etain

The premise of Etain's work is that while some of us move through heartbreak relatively quickly, there are many who can become stuck in this process and find themselves unable to move forward. Etain uses Clinical Hypnotherapy to help clients to finally let go and move on from those people or situations. 

Etain McNulty (MA, BA Hons, HPD, Dip.Hyp, NLP Prac)

is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist based near the centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland, she is also a fully qualified Certified Breathwork Facilitator.

Etain runs a full-time busy practice from Monday to Friday using hypnotherapy to help clients with issues related to Heartbreak. 

These are the issues that arise around difficult breakups and the end of toxic relationships and include Self Esteem, Self Worth,

Overcoming Negative Situations Confidence

and more.


How To Get Started with Etain McNulty Clinical Hypnotherapy?


1. Using the Contact Form, email Etain to discover if you're right for each & whether these sessions are right for you.

2. Complete and return your pre-session Client Information form.

3. Find a quiet and comfortable room where you can enjoy your Zoom Hypnotherapy session.

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Find Out What Clients Have Said:

Etain took the time to explain the process very clearly, and put me at ease straight away. She dealt with the presenting issue very effectively and I have been blown away by the results. Would highly recommend.


I have enjoyed my sessions with Etain. She has changed how I deal with my thoughts and emotions, I feel more self confident and see the world in another angle.


I have just finished a course of hypnotherapy with Etain. From the very first session she was very welcoming and it was clear that the sessions would be very worthwhile.

Etain is amazing at what she does, I had considered hypnotherapy for some time but struggled to find a hypnotherapist to suit me. From looking at her website I decided to contact her. Etain took the time to find out exactly what I needed to work on via a pre consultation questionnaire. Her thoroughness and ability to tailor the sessions on a personal level to suit client needs makes her excellent at what she does.

I have learned so much about anxiety and educated myself through the sessions with Etain. I have also developed coping skills that I did not think were possible. I can say with 100% confidence that if you are someone who thinks you could benefit from hypnotherapy sessions it will be very worthwhile and possibly the most valuable thing you could do for yourself and your own mental wellbeing.


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