"Etain is amazing at what she does, I had considered hypnotherapy for some time but struggled to find a hypnotherapist to suit me...Her thoroughness and ability to tailor sessions on a personal level to suit client needs makes her excellent at what she does."     

C.D Belfast

"Etain is warm, kind and very professional. She really knows her stuff!..I'm very grateful for all the time and effort Etain has put in to help me and I'm very thankful I got in touch."

L.R Belfast

My name is Etain McNulty (HPD, Dip.Hyp, NLP Prac, BA (Hons), MA) and I am a fully qualified, registered and insured Clinical Hypnotherapist based near the centre of Belfast, Northern Ireland. I run a full-time busy practice from Monday to Friday using hypnotherapy to help clients move away from problems and towards goals and aspirations in their lives.


The desire to make a change in our lives may arise from feeling inspired to live in a different way. Or it may result from simply having had enough of our current experience, which might include pain or anxiety or destructive habits. Either way, the realisation that we’re ready to make that change in our lives is the first step in making it happen.


More about my background and the way I work here. 

Discover Hypnotherapy

The power and the magic of hypnotherapy can be found in the potential it creates to focus our minds to then change our experience.


This is not the kind of magic that is sometimes mistakenly associated with hypnosis. I do not put you to sleep or say magic spells to change your issue. Rather, I help to put you back in the driver seat of your life.


Hypnotherapy is the real-life magic to change the way we think, behave and feel about our lives. And the impact of this can be huge. You can find out more about Clinical Hypnotherapy with me and the way I work here.

Hypnotherapy With Me

"Hypnosis empowers people to discover and develop strengths in themselves they didn't know they had, and the consequences in peoples lives are often nothing short of extraordinary."  M. Yapko 

I use Clinical Hypnotherapy to help clients to become free of situations that are keeping them stuck and holding them back in life. This might be a past relationship that has been tough to get over or some other circumstance in life that has proved challenging. Once a client is free, I help them put themselves back together. The final step in the process is helping the client step forward into the version of themselves that they wish to become. This often involve developing confidence and other skills that can take a person to the next level of their development. To find out more about this process, follow the link below.

Etain McNulty Hypnotist

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